What is the Best Wood Router for The Beginner?

A router is a wood cutting tool used to rout or hollow out an area within a hard workpiece. It is meant to be a plunging tool used for cutting, trimming, and shaping wood for multiple carpentry projects. A wood router is usually portable and has both functional and decorative uses.

Choosing the right model can be quite a challenge for a beginner. The first thing to consider is the type of tools to buy. A Fixed base router or Plunge Base Router, a Trim Router or Interchangeable Base Router; this depends on the kind of projects you would be working on. Another thing to deliberate is the kind of features you want your machine to have.

wood router

Check if the router has Spindle Locks (they help in removing and changing different router bits with more ease than the typical two wrench method), does it have Electronic Feedback Circuitry that gives a measure of the load on the motor when working through a certain object. More important are the Variable Speed Controls that helps in optimal use of all router bits and the Soft Start feature that ensures that the motor gradually picks up speed so as to prevent jerks or accidents.

Next thing to consider is the price of the tool. For an average beginner, it is important to first learn the basics and get used to handling a tool before spending a fortune on more advanced models. Go for the entry-level but sturdy models that you can get comfortable with.

The first Wood Router for a Beginner to study would undoubtedly be the Black & Decker RP250 10-Amp 2-1/4-Inch Variable Speed Plunge Router.  Read more about the best wood routers on Routplanix.

It is a 10 Amp 800 to 2700 RPM variable speed motor with Spindle lock for convenient bit changes. The plunge action facilitates decorative edging and also allows to start work in the middle of a piece of wood which helps to create cut-outs and inlays. It has a gradual start function for optimum control and safety. It comes with a specially designed sightline base that allows better visibility for precise results. It is a convenient tool with easy-to-use depth scale for better accuracy. The trigger switch lock-on button and contoured chip shield ensure comfort and safety while you work on your project. The kit includes a ¼ –inch collet and wrench and an adjustable parallel edge guide.

Another tool to consider should be the PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router.

It has an 11 Amp motor producing 1-3/4 horsepower. It is a single speed motor giving 27500RPM. The cam-lock lever enables simple height adjustments. It has an auto release collet system for easy and fast bit removal and includes collets that accept 1/4 -inch to 1/2 inch shank bits. A quick fixed base motor release allows the motor pack to move between plunge and d-handle bases. Dust sealed components and rugged construction adds to its durability since the router in encased in a precision-machined aluminum motor housing and base. It also has a dust sealed switch and a sealed ball-bearing construction guard against wear and tear. Its ergonomic design with two strategically placed handles facilitates ease of operation even for extended hours. The router kit includes the motor, fixed base, 1/4  inch and 1/2  inch collets, collet wrench, and operation manual.

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