How To Use a Manual Pool Vacuum

Vacuuming any pool from ground level to in level can sometimes prove to be tedious and cumbersome; it is a must activity to accomplish if you own a swimming pool. If you find yourself postponing the procedure time after time, in which eventually you will still have to do the deed. 

A manual pool vacuum system has a head of brushes with rollers that have a ribbed hose and a fiberglass pole. Remember! Vacuuming your pool prevent accumulation of debris and dirt on the bottom which could lead to growth of algae.

swimming pool

Below are the following steps on ways to vacuum an above ground pool:

Surface removal: First, you deal with the swimming pool surface by removing leaves, surface debris and many more using a rake or a skimmer. You have to make sure that the skimmer basket is clean before usage and if possible, ensure that the pump is making the water flow through the filter.

Attaching the vacuum: One end of the hose should get attached to the extension vacuum head, then connect the head to the extension pole. Slowly lower the vacuum into the pool by moving the pole until it has been extended down below. Keep the pool in a secure and stationary position on the pool side, where it can easily be reached.pool vacuuming

Water return-outlet: The free end of the vacuum hose should be during the water return outlet so as to fill up with water. One hand should be on the pool to prevent the vacuum head from floating as air is being expelled. You must make sure the hose has been primed until full water with no air being released.

The skimmer disc: The manual pool vacuum hose must still be submerged in water as you are attaching the skimmer disk. To activate the vacuum you must place the skimmer disc into the skimmer top. For vacuums than need to be attached directly, you need to do it fast to avoid letting air creep back into the hose.

Continuing vacuuming: The pool bottom must be clean; hence you must be in a position where you can see the bottom well enough. Allocate the vacuum head back and forth slowly over the swimming pool bottom. Remember! The head must still be placed at the bottom until the pool is clean.

Before vacuuming always brush the pool sides to loosen the debris, then you can vacuum the pool during sunrise before anyone uses it.

Adjust your water system so that to a circulatory mode to enable the debris to accumulate in the bottom center of the pool to allow easier vacuuming.

Vacuuming the pool is required regularly, if possible every week not unless you want to swim in green slimy water. You need to be patient with your pool during vacuuming; hence a weekend is the perfect day for you.

If you cannot vacuum the pool by yourself it is very okay to call a specialist to help you out. During the suction process do not put any part of the body in direct contact with the suction port, injuries will most likely occur.

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